Go ahead and ask any question you wish. There are a few questions I might be inclined to refuse... but for the most part I will do my best to answer them. Also, I will not remove my mask, so you needn't bother asking about that.
I apologize for my extended absence, Popstar doesn’t have much in the way of specialized parts so I had to venture quite far to find them.

I apologize for my extended absence, Popstar doesn’t have much in the way of specialized parts so I had to venture quite far to find them.

((OKAY so I’ve been kinda partially really busy with school and work, and also I kind of lacked motivation for quite some time but I’m motivated again and I wanna get this blog back and active. Finals are next week so hopefully after that I’ll be able to update again! I’m so so so so sorry for the wait and all the procrastination. But I’m coming back now I promise!))



HEEEEEY guys, so I’m not trying to like beg for money or anything, but I just wanna let you guys know why I really could use some form of income.

A while back I used to go to therapy, and it really really helped me feel better, but since our insurance changed, it now costs 60 dollars for a therapy session, where as before it used to cost us 35. So basically, my mom said ‘haha no’ and stopped taking me, which really upsets me and I feel like I’m going back to square one, when therapy was helping so so much.

ANYWAY, the idea is, I really need at least 60 a month so I can continue my therapy, maybe not as often but it’ll be something, you know? SOOOO I’m doing commissions!

TL;DR: I need at least 60 dollars a month for something important.

Sketch Commissions:


Pardon me as this is my only example

Prices: Range from $5 - $8 depending on the complexity of the character and how many characters there are

Flat Colours (or simple shading):




Prices: Range from $8 - $15, again, depending on the complexity of the character and how many characters there are

Fancy elaborate shiz (Aka full coloured):




Prices: Range from $15 - $30, once more, depending on the complexity of the the character and how many characters there are, as well as the complexity of the colouring style.



askzerotwo’s question style!


darkmatterreplies’ question style!

Prices: These will only be $7 - $10 depending on the things I’ve said above already.


  • Don’t rush me, nor stress me out, I will finish them eventually
  • I will only take paypal payments, sorry!
  • You have to pay first before I get started, but don’t worry, I promise I will not cheat you out of your money and I do give refunds
  • I may haggle a bit
  • ALSO, I have a little issue with my wrist and I have to wear a brace, again please don’t stress me out if I take too long, drawing sometimes causes me pain but I’m not about to just beg for money.


So yeah! I hope I’m doing this right, hoo boy.

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You know you ship something B] … also I’m not Zero Two I swear

Zero Two get out of here no one loves you I SHIP NOTHING DON’T LOOK AT ME

Asked by Anonymous

How the character feels about murder

Well he’s certainly not a fan of it.
…There’s not much else to say about that! He does not like murder, though if he has to kill someone he will, depending on the situation. You know, bad people. The evil kind. He would never harm anyone who’s innocent. He has a code of chivalry and all that. Knight’s honor. What have ye.

To be fair though, determining who’s innocent and who isn’t in a Kirby game is… difficult. And let’s not bring Meta Knightmare Ultra into this that was just weird.

Asked by Anonymous

Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.)

Golly I’m not totally sure about this. I try to avoid shipping in general because y’know, can please everyone and I don’t want to show any bias towards any pairing. People can ship what they like eh? I suppose if I were to pick something maybe… demisexual? I can’t see him just hooking up with anyone, personally. I think they would need to form a relationship over time. And it would be someone that he trusts and has proven that they’re loyal. I’m not sure that he would be actively looking for any one type of person though. But don’t let me make you feel like you’re shipping wrong, you’re free to do what you want!

æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)
Asked by Anonymous

Hmm… language is a little strange here since it’s technically another planed and who knows if they’re even speaking “English”, and besides that they originally speak “Japanese”. I joke around and say he knows Spanish though because it’s just amusing to me and it seems to work. So whatever language it is that everyone speaks, and Spanish.

Asked by hehehe426

What scares the character

Losing his mask Being in a situation where he’s completely powerless. He’s obsessed with bettering himself and growing stronger, and if he were to lose that it would be rather… upsetting. And if all of his training and self improvement proves to be useless, that would be upsetting too. Even if he’s in a situation like that though, he’s very stubborn.

(( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ))
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(/□\*)・゜ ½ ⊙﹏☉ (´ q ` ” ) (≧∇≦)
Asked by Anonymous

What makes the character blush

Being seen without his mask haha. Just being embarrassed in general. There’s not a whole lot that makes him blush other than that.

What makes the character happy

Positive attention and being complimented, mostly for his strength and maybe even looks. Don’t call him cute though. Like I said he’s vain in some ways. I mean really just look at his ship. He also does like the company of his friends and crew from time to time but he’s not likely to admit that.